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K-5 Program is for students in grades kindergarden through 5th. It is a school based program with a dedicated classroom and teacher just for them! Students attend Monday through Thursday. The class is a combination of direct instruction from the teacher and online learning modules that are overseen and reinforced through in-class activities.

Middle / High School Program is for students in grades 6 to 12.  We are expanding, with temporary classrooms until additional space is constructed for a full middle and high school program. We will offer core classes for all grade levels in English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies and a variety of electives.  As we grow, some classes will be online via Pearson Connexus, while most will have a dedicated teacher.  

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Lake George Charter School is committed to delivering a personalized education to our students through small class sizes. We ensure that each student receives individualized attention from their teachers, allowing for a more tailored learning experience. To achieve this, we have implemented a strict limit of 20 students per class.


At Lake George Charter School, we believe that education doesn't have to be tedious. We commemorate every holiday with exciting activities that involve the entire school, and we urge parents to participate in them. Moreover, we host various special events throughout the year that bring joy and happiness to everyone involved.


Real World Experiences


Education can take various forms, and at times, it requires real-world exposure to gain knowledge. Lake George Charter School collaborates closely with community organizations to provide practical learning opportunities to our students. Our curriculum encompasses a range of activities such as S.T.E.A.M. labs, field trips, guest speakers, and our Life Skills program. Virtual Village is welcome to participate in our offerings.

Small Classes

At Lake George Charter School, we provide small-sized classrooms that offer a more personalized learning experience for each student, enabling them to receive ample one-on-one time with their respective teachers. To ensure this, we have set a maximum limit of 20 students per class.

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Art Class/Music/Theater​


Artistic projects are a forte of Lake George Charter School. A simple stroll down the school's hallway on any given day will leave you astounded by the remarkable level of detail and dedication put into each project. Embracing creativity plays a crucial role in the learning process at this school.

Great Teachers


Our teachers exhibit a high level of enthusiasm and compassion towards their students. They are reputed for staying beyond regular school hours and being accessible to both parents and students. Additionally, they actively participate in school-wide committees and events, displaying their dedication to the school.

Virtual Village - remote learning

Can't make it to school? Need a more flexible schedule? Looking for a more supported homeschool program? We have an option for you!

Lake George Charter School has Virtual Village! Virtual Village is an online program requiring few visits to the school.  This program provides students K-12 a great option for their education that allows for flexibility in courses and scheduling, support from a certified teacher, and supplemental curriculum. This option is excellent for students who need extra flexibility for travel or experiential learning, or who have been previously homeschooled but are now seeking additional structure and support. With our online courseware and remote teacher assistance you can take school anywhere.

Questions? Email your Coordinator Kathleen Ogden at

Check out our student approved curriculum from Pearson website

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